The management of the inspection body type A
Eucert Ltd.
is aware of the responsibility for the technical implementation of inspection activities, and for maintaining the position of the inspection body type A in terms of accreditation criteria and therefore accepts this
Quality policy
  1. To carry out all the inspection activities professionally, impartially and independently.
  2. To increase the educational level of workers.
  3. To monitor the developments in their chosen field of inspection activities.
  4. To monitor the legislative changes and follow the only applicable legislation.
  5. To increase the level of technical and material needs of the inspection body.
  6. To establish financial and personnel resources necessary for the operation of the inspection body.
  7. To supervise the proper use of certificates issued.
  8. To require a proof of continuing education of employees in the field of inspection.
  9. To present and raise awareness about the additional insulation.
  10. To improve constantly the established management system and to guarantee continual compliance with international standards EN ISO / IEC 17020

Mgr. Katarína Andrušková
Director of inspection body