In case you are interested in any kind of inspection activity the procedure is very simple:

  • Fill out the application for inspection and granting inspection certificate prepared by ETICS in accordance with STN 73 2901. After filling out the form we will be able to prepare a non-binding price quotation for you.
  • After accepting the quotation, we will design contract for work (CfW)
  • After signing of CfW by both parties it becomes binding – CfW becomes valid for three years, during which Eucert will make one introductory inspection and two supervisory inspections regarding to a building as well as an annual review of documentation.

The actual procedure of inspection performing itself is described in IC – SM – 06/2014 Construction works quality check. The responsibility of this task belongs to an authorized inspector of inspection body who has to be qualified and able to meet the conditions stated in IO – SM – 04/ 2014 directive on Workers competency and training. The inspection body Eucert Ltd. keeps the instructions for carrying out the inspections in a secure manner documented within the guidelines and directives of OSH IC – SM – 06 / 2014.

All worksheets, checklists and links related to work of inspection body according IC – SM – 06/2014 Construction works quality check as well as all policies and procedures regarding to the “Documentation and Data control” – IO – SM – 01 / 2014 are kept up to date and are always available to authorized employees.

According the Directive IO – SM – 06/2014 Construction works quality check, the observations and data collected during the inspection are recorded in order to prevent the loss of important information. The recording may include:

  • Photo documentation of the work process at the time of inspection with emphasis on details.
  • Visual inspection of the material used.
  • Documentary check of material used
  • A questionnaire filled out by an inspector complying with IC – SM – 06/2014

Before the actual inspection the applicant applying for the verification of the quality of construction works must fill out an Application for inspection and granting inspection certificate and sign the contract of inspection regarding to IC – SM 05/2014 Examination of the application and contract. This system of examination ensures that: The inspection complies with the orientation of the inspection body and that the organization is provided with appropriate resources to meet the requirements.

  • The requirements of those seeking services of inspection body are adequately defined and special conditions are created in oreder to enable the workers to be instructed properly
  • The work is guided by regular examination and corrective action.
  • The completed work is reviewed to confirm it meets the requirements.

In the annexes to the directive IC – SM 05/2014 Examination of the application and contract a sample contract for inspection activities and a sample contract for the inspection performance are offered. These documents are available for the inspection applicant. The proposal and the contract include the identification data of both parties, including their representatives, the subject of the contract – inspections, schedule, payment terms, obligations and the agreement of both parties.

The inspection process has from the view of the inspection body the following phases:

  • Preparatory phase
  • Evaluation of documentation
  • Supervisory inspection
  • Granting of the inspection certificate and subsequent inspections