Director statement

As a director I assume responsibility for the actions of the certification body abiding by ISO / IEC 17021: 2011 I undertake to ensure the confidentiality of information obtained by certification body and to protect information as well as its clients.

Certification body is independent of other companies. Individual audits are conducted by qualified auditors, the list of which is available at the registered office of the company.

I declare that individual auditors are selected on the basis of qualification catalogs and remuneration of staff engaged in audits is independent of the number of audits carried out and in no way depends on the results of these audits. All workers of certification body declare that they have read up on all the directives, including the “Charter of Conduct” and the quality guide in order to fulfill the purpose of the certification body. In their statutory declaration all workers proclaim that they will not be conducted by any commercial, financial or other influences that might affect their judgment during an audit performance. All workers are informed about the confidentiality of the information obtained and they provide an affidavit not to provide this information to third party or use it to gain self-enrichment.

To meet these conditions, I will use all the competencies, laws and moral principles.

Ing. Milan Zacharovský
Director of Certification body of management systems